Spoiler Alert! The Butler did it…

da793dd5-5310-4899-9db5-894905ec2602There are many things about movie blogs that people love but the one thing most people hate (except me because I loathe surprises more than I loathe horror movies – though come to think of it….that’s probably WHY I don’t like horror movies, hm…) are SPOILERS. Those evil little nuggets of information that pop up in the most random places. Looking at pictures of food on Pinterest? Oh hey, let me ruin Captain America for you. Scrolling through tumblr to find pictures of Benedict Cumberbatch? Let me slip in an autoplay youtube video about how X defeats Z in the latest summer blockbuster.

Insert Mini-Rant: Spoilers from the internet are bad enough. However, I have been the victim of in-theater spoilage as well. Imagine, if you will, sitting in a dark movie theater, seeing X-Men: First Class for the very first time only to have your very own Spoiler Moron – Adept Class sitting right behind you. Not only could he not refrain from commenting on every action throughout the ENTIRE movie after it happened, but frequently took delight in foreshadowing every action yet to come to any and all who had the unfortunate luck to be sitting within 6 rows of him. Don’t be that person. Please, for the love of Thor, don’t be THAT PERSON.

In light of that, let me be the first to say – there will be spoilers in this blog. I’m reviewing movies you may or may not have seen already. It’s going to happen. However, I swear by Stan Lee that I will make sure a spoiler warning is in place. If you continue to read, that’s entirely up to you.

Since I have yet to have a movie review to grace my blog (I know, I know, but RL loves to shove it’s ugly head in), let’s establish something right off. I am not here to bash movies. My goal is not to be hateful toward the actors, directors, or any of the hundreds of people who made a movie happen because let’s be honest, it does take a village to create a movie. Every village has its idiots, its elders, its ordinary citizens, and its “I’m here – but don’t want to be’s.” I respect the work that they do and the effort put forth to entertain the masses. The way I look at it, they created something that at least one of them is proud of and have now accomplished more than I could ever do in the realm of film-making. So I will celebrate the effort if nothing else.

Does that mean that I won’t point out things that I thought could have made the movie better or worse? Absolutely not. But I will always try to remember that they are human beings and they made the choices they did for a reason, regardless of how I thought (in my vast experiences as a – oh wait – I’m not a filmmaker) it should be done.

The first movie review I am working toward posting is going to be a review of the most recent Jungle Book that debuted last Friday. After that, it’s going to be anyone’s guess what new movie will land on my radar next (totally depends on the state of my pocketbook). I do have fairly random taste in movies. I also welcome any requests for movies to be reviewed. The Movie Reels segment where I will highlight movies from the past (and by past, I mean anything not released in the last five years – which considering that means anything from 2011 and prior is fair game – time is weird – the 90s were still 10 years ago, right?) will hopefully be posted once a week as well though that will depend on time.

Happy Reading!

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